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Welcome to Jumi! >> Tutorial >> Google Forms into your Joomla!

You can use Google power to create forms and include them into your Joomla! website.

In this example I'll show you how to include sample form into Joomla! with Jumi.


First of all you need to have Google account to use Google Services. If you don't have Google account yet, please follow this link: New Account

You need to have some basic skills for using Google Documents. You can take this short tour

Create new form and click to Embed form.

Copy the code provided by Google.


<?php defined("_JEXEC") or die("Restricted access"); ?>
<iframe src="http://spreadsheets.google.com/embeddedform?key=pn8VDgNhD0N9uMVXndBleWA" 
width="310" height="549" frameborder="" marginheight="" marginwidth="">

Adding Jumi application

Now you need to add new Jumi application from Joomla! backend. You can read Basic Jumi Demo article if you don't know how to do that.

I'll call it: Sample Google form.

Sample Form