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Welcome to Jumi! >> News >> Jumi pack 2.0.0 released

The Next Generation of Jumi custom code extensions for Joomla! 1.5 was released today.

It introduces itself as a pack. That not only means all Jumi extensions for Joomla! 1.5 are distibuted as a pack but also means - what is more important - they are also installed as the one entity.

The individual extensions - whether a plugin or a module or a new Jumi component - can also very tightly collaborate between each other and share the custom code resources.

Because there are many great addition to the previous releases there the Jumi pack was given the release version number 2.0.0.

What's new

  • any Jumi extension can include into Joomla! code stored in a file or in a component database table,
  • module and component can include directly written code,
  • inclusion of a file/record and written code are not mutually exclusive: you can use stored code or written code or both at once,
  • each extension has its own language file so it can be easy translated.

Remarks on backward compatibility

Jumi plugin has got full backward compatibility with previous Jumi plugin versions.

Jumi module possesses full backward compatibility too except arguments values feature.

Until now the arguments were inputed in a module parameter field like this


and were retrieved in custom php script by $jumi[] array.

The module parameter field remains but has got grown and change it's meaning. Into the module field "Code written" you can write the whole codes (plain text, html, php, javascript) now and not only values as before.

So if you want to utilize your old php files containing arguments in the new Jumi module you can do that. Just write at the "Code written" field this (at the least):

$jumi = array (arg1, arg2, ..., argN);


We, developers, hope you will enjoy Jumi TNG as you did with previous Jumi extension releases!