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Martin Hajek (MarHaj)

The founder of Jumi, the father of fantastic children (3x), grandfather (2x) and dedicated lover of his wife (1x). It is always a pleasure to work with Martin. I have learnt a lot from him. He is a true leader and incredible wise man.

MarHaj has decided to invest more of his energy and time into his mainstream business (leadership training, coaching, mentoring). To do that he will cut off some of the off the topic projects. Unfortunately Jumi is one of them. Wishing MarHaj all the best in all the aspects of his life!


Edvard Ananyan (edo888)

About us

Our computing division brings to life the most modern and up to date IT solution and tools.

All bugs were carefully removed from our software and stored for future references.

Thanks to European funds that equipped us with really powerful 8 unit parallel processing hardware.

Join our sales and marketing team! It's been recognized to be the best one in the known universe.

Join us! Our company culture will make you fell yourself very special!