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Jumi - Deceptively simple, yet powerful

By Mwessel

The intent of this plugin is deceptively simple: Allow PHP (or Javascript) to run in selected positions on a page. Why would you want to? Imagine being able to tap into the Joomla database to display a menu wherever you want. With some coding knowledge you could build a home page with images that display menus when the user hovers over them. You can't do that with Joomla alone. In fact, this plugin lets you tap into the full power of Joomla and the database in any way you want.

With this great power comes great responsibility. To make any use of Jumi you need to be comfortable with writing PHP code and accessing MySQL databases. Joomla does provide some nice classes to make this easier, and the few examples on the site show how this can be done. Once you're comfortable with that, Jumi has the potential to replace many different modules and plugins. In fact, I believe it is possible to write your own page templateing system using Jumi, at least on a page by page basis.

So who is Jumi for? Not for the Joomla beginner who hasn't worked with PHP and MySQL before. But if you're comfortable writing your own code, Jumi lets you pry open Joomla's hood and work directly with the engine, allowing you to make Joomla sing to your own tune. All without hacking any core files.