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Welcome to Jumi! >> Tutorial >> PayPal Donate button

This feature will allow you to collect donations from visitors.


First of all, you need to have PayPal account. You can create it on http://www.paypal.com website.

Before you create PayPal account, please make sure you can receive money and collect donations with your account registered in your country on this page.

Create Donate Button

Login to your PayPal account and click to Merchant Services tab. Find Donate link under Create Buttons section.

Now you need to customize your button appearance, just follow the steps.

On step 3 you can customize your button to redirect visitor to your website after donation process.

You can say "thank you" after successful donation, for that you need to mark "Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout:" checkbox and specify the following url: http://yoursite.com/DONATE_API_NAME?action=success

You can say something back after donate cancellation on your page, you need to mark "Take customer to a specific page (URL) after checkout cancellation:" checkbox and spcify the following url: http://yoursite.com/DONATE_API_NAME?action=cancel

Now you need to create Jumi application, which will handle PayPal redirects to your website.

Let's call it for example donation-complete, which will contain the folowing code.

<?php defined("_JEXEC") or die("Restricted access"); ?>
if($_GET['action'] == 'success')
    echo "Thank you very much!";

if($_GET['action'] == 'cancel')
    echo "Thank you in any case!";

Now click Create Button and copy the code, which you need to place somewhere on your page. Of course you can use Jumi module for that. Hope you already know how to do that.

Don't forget to write also some attractive text for your visitors :)