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Welcome to Jumi! >> Troubleshooting

Here is the list of known issues cusing a Jumi extension doesn't work and suggestions how to deal with them.


  • Problems with opening files containing custom scripts. Script files have to have read access permission. For hosted servers the files permissions should be chmod to 644 (for some servers 664) and directories 755 (for some servers 775). Sometimes end of lines of files make the difference. Make sure the end of lines correpond to your server: Windows, Unix or Mac. Use for example free EOL converter.


No troubles are known.


No troubles are known. Just do not forget to include the code that generates something and publish the module into the existing module position that is defined by your template. Further you can switch "Debug mode" to On in the module parameters to see Jumi error messages ((unable to include stored code or there is nothing to be shown).


  • Verify the plugin is published in the admin backend and advanced plugin parameter "Stop/Clear Jumi" is set to No.
  • In a case you see absolutely nothing in the article (i.e. even no Jumi syntax) that's good. Jumi mambot/plugin is working.
    • Switch in the admin backend Jumi mambot/plugin advanced parameter "Debug mode" to On. You may see Jumi error message now (unable to include stored code or there is nothing to be shown).
    • If still nothing then let your browser to show you the source code of the page. Maybe your custom code produces really nothing or something invisible to the browser.
  • In a case you can see Jumi syntax in the article.
    • Switch to nowysiwyg Joomla! editor and verify Jumi syntax in a Joomla article. There must not be a space or any invisible character between left bracket { and the jumi keyword. Clear unnecessary characters.
    • Curly brakcets mambots/plugins do not work with some RocketTheme templates. Switch to default Jomla! template.
  • Joomla! 1.5.8 (and above) has introduced an another security precaution preventing some codes to be shown in articles. For the explanation see this offical Joomla! document. You can enable custom codes included by Jumi plugin by this basic setting: Navigate to Content -> Article Manager. Press the Parameters icon in the toolbar to show the Articles - Global Configuration screen. Scroll down to Filtering Options, highlight "Public Front-end" and select Filter type of Blacklist (Default). If your included codes are running you can play with site security issues with respect to your personal paranoia and real hackers threads almost endlessly. Do not under(over)estimate it. The only existing bulletproof site is no site.

Still does not work?

Visit the dedicated Jumi support thread at Joomla! forum, please.