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Welcome to Jumi! >> News >> Jumi 2.1 beta2 has been released

Jumi Easter Surprise

There are many changes in Jumi 2.1 there. The most substantial changes are:

  • Jumi plugin has changed from content plugin to system one
  • Jumi plugin syntax has changed.

Reasons? These changes enable:

  • to dig deeper and more flexible in Joomla! environment (code rendering in pdf articles, stripping the codes from RSS feeds, ...),
  • to include custom codes (html, php, js, css) directly into Joomla content.

We do not know how you, Jumi users, will welcome these changes. Some of you have been using Jumi plugin since 2006 and are really accustomed to it. And now - changes!

So we decided to release Jumi 2.1 as beta first. And will see your reactions.

The more detail description of new features follows. Then you can proceed to quick Jumi 2.1 guide.

  • Jumi plugin includes the code not only into article now, but also into section and category descriptions.
  • Codes included via Jumi plugin are rendered in PDF articles.
  • Jumi plugin clears Jumi syntax from RSS feeds.
  • Jumi plugin syntax enables writing codes directly into Joomla! content (!] and had to be changed to
    Jumi is working but there is nothing to be shown.
    Specify the source of the code (first square brackets).
  • Jumi plugin processes custom codes added directly into Joomla! content by accompanied Jumi editor-xtd plugin (editor button). Jumi editor button (or Jumi Coder) has been successfully tested with Nowysiwyg editer, Tiny MCE editor, JCE and Joomla! FCK editors.
  • For security reasons added Filtering option by article author user groups. Filtered Jumi content is not shown in the frontend.
  • Jumi Root (Default Absolute Jumi Path) for referencing included files is shared between all Jumi extensions.
  • Added Debug mode parameter to plugin and module. If Debug is set to No then no Jumi error messages are shown in the frontend; in case of Jumi error you will see nothing instead.