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Welcome to Jumi! >> News >> Dedicated Jumi site + new releases!

On this day the dedicated Jumi site was born. I hope you'll like it.

With this occasion I upgraded ALL Jumi extensions for ALL Joomla! platforms and added ALL of them more and better functionality.

What's new in Jumi 1.2.0

You will have an option to set the so called Default Absolute (Jumi) Path at the admin interface of a module or plugin. What does it means?


It means that

  • your files you want to include need not be necessary under your Joomla root as before. It brings - if used - more security: the script files need not be accessible by web browsers.
  • in plugins you need not write down over and over again the full path to included files any more. If you point Default Absolute Path to the directory where all files for inclusion are it suffices to write file names only.
  • what was said above does not mean that you cannot include files from another directories. You can. It suffices to write down the relative pathname (as before) but now with the respect to the Default Absolute (Jumi) path.
  • you need not use this feature: it's optional. If not used the setting o pathname is as before: relative with respect to Joomla! root.

Thanks Rudolf Polzer at alientrap.org who tolled me about this possibility.


What's better in Jumi 1.2.0

All the code of ALL Jumi extension was checked up and cleared. The "guts" of Jumi extensions are in better condition then ever before.

There is a demo file - jumi_demo.php - now that is automatically installed during any Jumi extension installation. So testing of Jumi can be done immediately after the installation and plugin/module publishing.

New verification that included file exists and is readable. Although it is a hidden technical detail I know it can bring to jumi novices more (mental) comfort in their effort to include unreadable files into Joomla! with Jumi.

Thank to Fritz Elfert at fritz-elfer.de who tolled me to do so. I did. By the way - that guy gave me a huge bunch of improving tips. You will find them (and some other) in the next releases o Jumi.