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Welcome to Jumi! >> Installation in J!1.0   Click to listen highlighted text! Installation in J!1.0

In this article you will learn how to install Jumi extensions, how to verify they work correctly and how to uninstall them.

This guide applies to Jumi for Joomla! 1.0.x version 2.0 and above only. Lower Jumi versions are installed as separate Joomla! extensions.


During one Jumi pack installation all Jumi extensions (component, module, plugin) are installed. The Jumi pack installation is done by standard Joomla! component installation procedure.

During the installation the main menu item "Hello Jumi!" is automatically created - just for the immediate installation verification purpose. After verification you can unpublish/trash it by selecting Menu -> mainmenu -> Hello Jumi and clicking Unpublish/Trash button in the backend.

Should you do not know "how to install a component" follow these several simple steps:


Download Jumi package into your local computer.


Login as administrator into your Joomla! backend.

  1. Select from the top menu Installers -> Components
  2. Click on the Browse button. This will open the File Upload dialogue window. Navigate to the location of the downloaded Jumi distribution package on your local hard drive. Select it and click the Open button. The dialogue window will disappear and the path to, and name of, the Component file will appear in the File Upload field.
  3. Click the Upload and Install button to complete the transfer and installation of a copy of all Jumi extension to your server.
  4. Joomla! will give you a message about successful installation.

In rare cases you will be informed that installation has failed. In that case click on Joomla! Help button at the right upper corner. You will be given detailed information about Joomla! components installation.

We recommend you to verify that all Jumi extensions were correctly installed and are running smoothly.

Installation verification


In the backend under the top menu Components you should see new item - Jumi.

In the frontend you should see under the main menu new item - Hello Jumi!. You can click on it and verify that Jumi component realy processes the demo scipt.


In the backend select Modules -> Site modules in the top menu. Then edit Jumi module. Into the field "Source of code" write down *1. Select an appropriate module position (depends on our template) and position and publish Jumi module there.

In the frontend you should see Jumi module with content generated by the code stored in the 1st record of Jumi component database table.

Then you can verify that Jumi module includes files in an analogous way. Into the field "Source of code" write down modules/jumi_demo.php. Save it and verify it in the frontend.

If the Jumi content does not change it could be due to the fact that your global Joomla! cache or Jumi module cache is on. So either wait or switch the cache off.

Now you can test custom script written into "Code written" Write there anything (reasonable) you want. E.g.

$bbb = My output;
echo "bbb";
<p>can be seen. Good!</p>

Plugin (mambot)

In the backend select Mambotes -> Site mambots in the top menu. Publish Jumi plugin (mambot) there.

Open for editing any Joomla! article (content item). Write down there

First test:
{jumi [*1]}
Second test:
{jumi [mambots/content/jumi_demo.php]}

Publish it and save it.

In the frontend, right in the appropriate article, you should see content generated by the code stored in the 1st record of Jumi component database table followed by the content generated by the included jumi?demo.php file

If the Jumi content does not change it could be due to the fact that your global Joomla! cache is on. So either wait or switch the cache off in Site -> Global Configuration -> Cache.

If these tests fails see Jumi troubleshooting article.

For more advanced Jumi usage utilizing Jumi arguments, see Jumi usage article.


Uninstall Jumi extension by a standard Joomla! way. In an admin backend select from the top menu Installers and then either Components or Modules or Mambots. From the list select Jumi extension and click Uninstall button found at the top right corner of the page.

Uninstalling Jumi component uninstalls also Jumi module and plugin (mambot) automatically.

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