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Welcome to Jumi! >> Acknowledgements

I wish to express many thanks to all of you from Joomla! - Jumi community.

Especially those who contributed to either bugs removal or new Jumi features.

Thanks to

  • Max Vlasov, who invented, proposed and coded Jumi plugin nesting possibility. Great idea, simple to implement!
  • KatGirl, Joomla! forum member, who notifies me about a $ bug in a plugin. It occurred to be Joomla bug).
  • Ben-work, Joomla! forum member, who solved $ bug.
  • Rudolf Polzer from alientrap.org who notified me about the benefits of implementing absolute pathnames into Jumi.
  • Fritz Elfert at fritz-elfer.de who gave me a lot of thoughts material. I have used some of his ideas in Jumi already, others are on my waiting wishlist.