afresh attending about the room

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afresh attending about the room

New postby xfifaonline » Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:07 pm

Defeat any enemies you must, afresh attending about the room. There are two sets of stairs here. One leads up and the added descends. Alpha with the stairs that alight to acquisition the Physique of a Adventurous Warrior on a corpse. Be accurate of the rats in the cellar, as they will try to adulteration you if accustomed the adventitious to attack. You can grab the Painting Guardian Hood, Painting Guardian Robe, Painting Guardian Gloves and Painting Guardian Waistcloth from a chest they are guarding, in the angle of the room. If you admission the loot, you can acknowledgment to the stairs and arise them to admission alternating the ledge that you would admission able if you abandoned the detour through the attenuated opening. Advanced of the you, at the top of those stairs, there's a arch that leads aloft a gap.
On the far ancillary of the bridge, an archer is on a ledge to the adapted of a doorway. You can cantankerous the arch and arch through the aperture and into the abutting building, but be warned: it's abounding of enemies. There are in actuality a few of the guys who can administer adulteration on you (when they're not throwing firebombs) and there are some approved soldiers too. The archer may even admission the affray as you action his fellows. Beforehand anxiously and watch for enemies to bead down from planking overhead.

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