Need Jumi Help on Website

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Need Jumi Help on Website

New postby wvpt » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:26 am

Simon / Edvard,
My name is Chris Duncan from Virginia, USA. Edvard helped me about 4 years ago with a PBS project and fixed our Joomla issue with Jumi. We recently updated our website and lost this functionality. Can Simon or Edvard help?
Need the page to work so that if you choose now, week, day, etc. that you don't get scroll bars and the page conforms to the size automatically. Jumi isn't working or there is something wrong as the PBS schedule module does work. This worked great for years until recently when we upgraded the site and some malicious scripts were removed. - old site, current but soon to be replaced (new site joomla 2.5.14)

Please refer to your facebook messages for login credentials.

There are 2 items that need fixing...
Homepage module called What's On positioned at advertisement3 and Under the mainmenu the page titled Shedules which refers back to whatson.php
There is a small bit of css and js included in the head of the template HTML. That part is there but something is causing the scripts not to work. The Schedule page should look something like this:
We would like to have this fixed as soon as possible and have no problem paying you for your time. I tried contacting Edvard but I received no answer to my contact.
Please fix this and send me a bill via Paypal to [email protected]. I can pay immediately. If you prefer another method than Paypal then just let me know.
My contact info:
Chris Duncan
[email protected]
skype: clduncan23
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