Jumi causing page not to load. Help.

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Jumi causing page not to load. Help.

New postby adamflove » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:52 pm

I have installed Jumi and had a custom snippet of code created. Once I create the jumi path with the snippet of code it tells me to insert this "{jumi [*3]}" into my page. The page is perfectly operational before I insert this tag but once I insert it, it gives me the loading sign and then is never directed to the page. I have contacted everyone responsible for creating the code and I followed the directions on how to implement it into my website correctly. It has been working for about a month now and then stopped working completely. The only thing I have changed that has anything to do with that specific page is I changed the menu around a little bit. That should have nothing to do with it.
How do I fix this?
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