Error notice in admin panel

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Error notice in admin panel

New postby MeMoRG » Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:45 pm


I purchased SexyPoll Pro and let me ask some questions to administrator please:
1- I took a message like that (Notice: Undefined property: SexypollingViewSexyPoll::$max_id in G:\...\...\www\\administrator\components\com_sexypolling\views\sexypoll\tmpl\edit.php on line 81) in admin panel when I add a new poll. How can I fix it?

2- How can I add multipl polls in the same page with only one view/vote submit button. I would like to get all polls responses for any responders.

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Re: Error notice in admin panel

New postby Simon » Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:25 pm


Thanks for your purchase.

Please go to Administration -> Global Configuration -> Server. You will see Error Reporting, set it to simple, and the notice will disappear. On next version I will fix it.

To have many polls on same page you can use module positions, and use as many polls as you need. Or if you are using component, set type to Sexy Polls, and it will show all polls from selected category. Unfortunately there is no way to show only one view/vote submit button for many polls. Each poll has it's own buttons.

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