How can I include an article within an article

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How can I include an article within an article

New postby [email protected] » Sat May 14, 2011 1:59 pm


Here is what I need to do:

I need to display in frontpage an article depending on the day of the week. I.e if we are monday, the frontpage should display the ''Monday'' article, and so on for the next 6 days. We can't do that with Joomla, other than republishing every week.

So, I created an emtpy article that is permanently on the frontpage, with JUMI calling for a script abc.php which I want to perform the following routine:
1)Checks the date and displays it
2) with and IF or sWITCH statement would connect to jos_content and select WHERE id = 1 (for monday) OR id=2(tuesday) etc, (idem for 7 days)
3) Echo 'title' +'introtext' + 'fulltext'' of the appropriate article.

Problem: The date detection is working and displays correctly , but it seems that any connect attept to the jos_content fails. Plain and simple nothing happens.... NOT EVEN the ''could not connect to database".

I guess i need some guidance here... I know how to write a script (seprated file) that does that... but obviously the syntax has to be different when it is <<within>> an article or any joomla content.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried on j1.6 only... could this be the reason ? I relly don't mind 1.5 or 1.6, as for now i am stalled ...i really need to be able to achieve this..did not find any extension.

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