Including PHP removes template?

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Including PHP removes template?

New postby Ahhk » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:14 am

Hi all!

I have an article with: {jumi [*1]}

I then edit the content of component #1.

When I have something simple like echo "Hello World!", it works fine and outputs the Hello World! within the main article body.

But, when I use an include like require('includes/loader.php');, the loader output is correctly shown but without the template "frame". Only the PHP output is displayed. And viewing the source confirms its only the PHP-generate code.

The loader.php includes a couple other PHP files, as well as a JS and CSS file.

The output is perfect - except its not framed within the template.

Help? :0

Also, including {jumi [includes/loader.php]} in the article (vs the component id) gives the same result - only PHP output/no template <sigh>
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