Downloaded file size error via Jumi

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Downloaded file size error via Jumi

New postby christinefisher » Fri May 20, 2016 5:07 pm


first of all thank you for this nice extension! I am using Jumi at my Joomla site, but have a very weird issue and I am clueless on the way to solve it.

What I am doing is that that i have a form where users add data to download an application. I use then jumi to redirect them to a thank you page. Via Javascript I call another script to force the downloaded file.
As I need it again not be php and lead me to another page, I have assigned it a jumi again and added html link instead.

Everything works ok, except from when the downloaded file is bigger that ~80Mb. In that case teh files seems like zero size and does not get downloaded.
I have added to my the post size to be at 150M (post_max_size=150M), so for direct access of the php script it works. By accessing the script via jumi though, the max post size seems to be ignored.
I really not know how to fix this, have spent so much time and still no clues on how to solve this. It seems that my increase of post size at php.ini is ignored with html page call (that then calls the php file). Any ideas?!

Thank you!!
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