Issues with Sexy Polling Plus

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Issues with Sexy Polling Plus

New postby JDAVIS » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:39 am

To the Admins:

We’ve had Sexy Polls Plus version for a couple of weeks now, and we’ve encountered several issues, one of which you did solve for us, however, there are more.

From Front Side (Visitor Screens):

1) We have one poll which shows the stats, not the question’s answers, but it does reflect correct # of people who answered. Why does it not return to normal as the other questions do?
2) All polls show only votes since current date to current date, not from date polls and answers were installed, how is this remedied?

From Back Office:

1) From Votes Screen, we only see three people who have cast votes, but when viewing statistics, there are numerous votes showing being done. Why is this?
2) From statistics screen, can you do an edit that would wrap text so it doesn’t expand screen width to accommodate text?
3) Can a Configuration tab be set up where several settings can be set once but ability to over ride in the poll when installing new polls such as:
a. Template
b. Voting Permission
c. Who Can Add an Answer
d. Show Add Answer Icon
e. Start Date
f. End Date (problem here if you install a poll, save, and return it auto defaults to 01/01/1970)

Our website:

We really do need help, we service Veterans nationwide!
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Re: Issues with Sexy Polling Plus

New postby Edvard » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:10 pm


1) Probabl you have voted for that poll and you have auto animate option for that poll. When I open your page it doesn't animate any polls for me.

2) It shows from the date of first vote to current date.


1) I need to see it
2) Can you provide an example?
3) It is added in our roadmap, currently we do not have such feature.


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