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Relative paths

New postby jonr » Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:22 am

I've used Jumi on a few sites with great success, but this time I have a different challenge. I want to use some php not written for the Joomla framework. This php has many files and I'd prefer to keep them as supplied so I can upgrade them in the future as new versions become available.
The issue is that this php has lines like:
require_once '../includes/myfile.php';
So when I call a php script from with a Joomla article using Jumi, the path above is not found because the currently executing script is the Joomla script rather than the one I'm calling. So the relative path syntax ../ fails.

I could go through all the php files and change the relative paths to fix it, but this is undesirable (400+ changes required just for a start).
I can also load the target php file in an iframe within an article, also not really desirable.

So my question... is there a way when calling a php script using Jumi, to somehow force that script to be the currently executing script so that the relative paths will work?
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