Some Newbie Questions

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Some Newbie Questions

New postby Octocorn » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:03 pm

I'm kinda newbie to all this WP, CMS, PHP, HTML and other stuff so don't shoot at me, please, for asking some basic questions.
I installed Gspeech on my WP blog because I have mostly blind and visually impaired visitors and I'd like to find out two things:
1. When I enable the Greeting function I hear the greeting message everytime when I open a post or page or whatever link on my blog. Is there a way to hear the greeting only on the homepage or only when visitor opens the blog for the first time?
2. From what i understood so far the plugin works as this: When someone selects a portion of the text with mouse the speaker icon appears and by clicking on it the speech begins. Is there a way to have permanent speaker icon between post title and post text to be always visible and to make it read the full post text when clicked? It's a bit hard for visually impaired to manipulate mouse selection and to hunt down the pop up icon on the screen so I believe this would be a great solution for them.
Thanks for your answers.
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Re: Some Newbie Questions

New postby Simon » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:35 pm


1. If you need to have some speech only on desired pages, you need to put gspeech code ONLY on that pages content. For example, if you need to have greeting text only on homepage, you need to remove the greeting code from Greeting Text field(In plugin parameters), and place it into your homepage's content (in post for example):

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{gspeech style=1 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=2 hidespeaker=1}Welcome to SITENAME{/gspeech}{gspeech style=2 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=1 hidespeaker=1}Welcome REALNAME{/gspeech}
Place this in homepage content

What about speeching only once, there is no such option yet. I will add such option on next version!

2. There is no such option to show speaker between post title and text.
But you can use gspeech shortcode, to have pre-defined speech blocks.
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{gspeech}Text to speech{/gspeech}//the speaker will appear after text.

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