HELLO <name> NEVER stops

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HELLO <name> NEVER stops

New postby Michael » Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:55 pm

I just installed/activated the free version and pasted in sample code from the documentation into a page. Viewing the page, I hear "Hello, Michael" every time I enter the page. I removed the GSpeech code in WP, but the phrase is still spoken each time I enter the page. Deactivating GSpeech took care of the problem, but upon reactivation, it re-occurred. I deleted GSpeech altogether, cleared the cache, then installed/activated a second time. Once again, with no new code being entered and no GSpeech code on my page, when the page comes into view, the annoying "Hello, Michael" is again played.

How do I resolve this problem? I would really like to have an opportunity to completely evaluate the free version in order to decide whether to invest in the Pro version, but cannot at this point.

When I run the online demo, the voice is of a British woman. I am in the US and hear a US accent. Is there some way to select the voice any current version?

Apart from this problem, this plugin looks to be precisely what I need. Hope a fix or workaround is available soon.

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Re: HELLO <name> NEVER stops

New postby Simon » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:39 pm


Sorry for the delay.

There is an option, Greeting Text, and the greeting code in that option will be included in all pages of your site.

The following gspeech code is default example, and it included in all pages, that is why you hear the greeting anywhere.
Code: Select all
{gspeech style=1 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=2 hidespeaker=1}Welcome to SITENAME{/gspeech}{gspeech style=2 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=1 hidespeaker=1}Welcome REALNAME{/gspeech}

If you need greeting only on some pages, remove the code from Greeting Text option, and place it in content of desired page (in post for example).

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