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The, please!

New postby [email protected] » Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:41 pm

This possibly has been covered in the past, but I haven't the time to hunt down the message.

We installed Jumi last week, and I started to try to use it...this time, for the most basic of things, though I fully intend to PHP it up with various tools and options I will be needing.

That said, all I wanted to do is to include the shopping cart's registration page into a separate "How to Buy" page.

So I go into the How to Buy page, I type in the top text I want on the page before the form part, and then I type in {jumi [shop-now.html?page=shop.registration]} (as the shop-now is located on the root level.)

I get this message:
The file /home/kitchenc/public_html/shop-now.html?page=shop.registration does not exist or is not readable!

How do I make it that it's not trying to insert the /home/kitchenc/public_html/ first each time? It doesn't matter which page I try to put there, that's what I get.

What I've tried:
    Using the direct path, including http:// through the final shop.registration
    Creating a file in Jumi which uses include 'shop-now.html?page=shop.registration'; and then having jumi call to that page
    Putting that page into a separate folder
    Testing it with other pages on the server
    ../ and // and all other tricks I could think of to force a proper path

Please help. I'm counting on jumi to be able to create all the PHP back end tools I need, plus the ability to call information from a database for a form.
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