SEF links in menu and Jumi component

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SEF links in menu and Jumi component

New postby ilanle » Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:28 pm

Hey there,
Let me first say the obvious - Jumi is wonderful, I'm using it a lot.

I am having a weird problem which I couldn't find on the forum.
When I have SEF URLs on on my joomla website, and have a menu in which the links are all pointing to the same jumi component, the link url for each menu item gets truncated and of course does not work.

For example - this link:

(pointing to a jumi component and passing a post variable)

looks like that when included in a menu:

What gives? Why is the link being altered by SEF?

When I turn SEF off, the links work, but of course I do want SEF on..

Thanks in advance
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