JUMI Module Stripping Out HTML Characters

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JUMI Module Stripping Out HTML Characters

New postby George Langley » Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:48 pm

Hi all. Am finding that the JUMI module will strip out or replace certain HTML characters. I'll write something like:

// code to set $theDept omitted here
switch ($theDept) {
case "SALES": ?>

<p>This is the HTML text to show to Sales Department.</p>
<?php break;

case "PARTS": ?>

<p>This is the HTML text to show to Parts Department.</p>
<?php break;

default: ?>

<p>This is the HTML text to show to any other department.</p>
<?php break;

} // end switch

I prefer to intermingle PHP (indicated in red) and HTML in this way, rather than one long PHP script with dozens of echo statements for each HTML line and having to escape special characters such as double quotes. I always start the module code with <?php and end with a ?>.
It all works fine, but it strips out certain characters in the HTML sections. For instance, a self-closing break tag <br /> will get removed completely, causing the lines to run together. But a <br> break tag without the closing slash will remain untouched.
Now, I'm finding it is removing special characters like the right single quote &rsquo; and replacing it with a single straight quote ' right in the code. It doesn't disappear, but it's not what I wrote!
I don't have this problem in my JUMI scripts (internal or external .php files), nor with my Article editor (JoomlaFCK), so not sure why the JUMI module would exhibit this behaviour.
Please let me know if I've missed a setting to turn on/off, if I need to indicate something in my code to leave it as written, if the module is limited to some older version of HTML, or if a known bug. Thanks!
George Langley
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