jdoc:include in a php file inserted through jumi

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jdoc:include in a php file inserted through jumi

New postby djemmers » Wed May 11, 2011 2:37 pm

I am using joomla 1.6
I would like to show a module in an article (main content)
the module works fine in standaard locations in the template
now I try to call the module in a php file that is shown through jumi in the mian content area in jumi
like this:
<jdoc:include type="modules" name="selectbijtoevoegen" />

off course that doesn't get carlculated, is shows exactly that.

how do I make joomla genarate the module?
I found this somewhere but it doesn't work:

Code: Select all
$document = &JFactory::getDocument();
   $renderer     = $document->loadRenderer('module');
   $MonStyle ='-2';
   $MesParams = array('style'=>$MonStyle);
   $Resultat= '';
   foreach (JModuleHelper::getModules('selectbijtoevoegen') as $MonModule)  {
      $Resultat.= $renderer->render($MonModule, $MesParams);
   echo $Resultat; 

can someone help?
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